World University Ranking

Sep 10, 2021


These institutions from the U.S. and more than 80 other countries have been ranked based on various indicators that measure their academic research performance and their global and regional reputations. Students can use these rankings to explore the higher education options that exist beyond their own countries’ borders and to compare key aspects of schools’ research missions. These are the world’s nearly 1,500 top universities.

Citation & Teaching vs World Rank of Top 100 Universities

Citations vs World Rank of Top 100 Universities

Top 3 Universities in 2014 in Terms of Citations and Teaching

Universities Number of Students rates

Student to Staff Ratio in 2011 to 2012

Top Ranking University Country

Total Scores and Reseraches of Universities

Scatter Plot Matrix of total score comparision for researches and International University ranking

Teaching and Income comparision to World ranking

Research, citation, income and total score VS World Rank of Universities

The Top 10 universities are Mostly in the Countris such as United States, UK, Australia, Japan, Canada, Netherlands, Switzerland. The Top 10 Universities usually shuffle the ranking among each other every year. MIT, Harvard, Oxford, University of Cambridge, California Institute of Technology and Standford University are the among the best in the World. They have better research and staff to ratio and overall income and hence are always in the top 10 best universities in the world.