Top Fast Food Chain Restaurants

Sep 10, 2021

The fast-food industry isn’t what used to be a century or even two decades ago. Fast-food chains have gone global big-time. They now control trillions of US dollars in revenue and employ millions of hospitality graduates across the globe.To be one of the best fast-food chains in the world, your company needs to have healthier options and a diverse menu.

Top 50 Fast Food Chains

  • Most of the features present a normal distribution with no so many #outliers.
  • Important to notice that, in this case, outliers are our friends since they provide important information: ‘YOY_Sales (%)’ and ‘YOY_Units (%)’ outliers #show the restaurants with the highest rank.
  • ‘YOY_Sales (%)’ and ‘YOY_Units (%)’ are key features in the list, since the rank is based on this values: the higher the value, the better the rank.
  • We see that a higher ‘YOY_Sales (%)’ and ‘YOY_Units (%)’ yields a better rank, we can see in the plot rank 1 and 50 in opposing corners
  • The size of the bubbles represent the number of premises per restaurant. Interesting to see how rank one has a few premises in comparisson with the other restaurants. This is because of the nature of the list, rank 1 is there because is growing fast and not because is already big
  • rank 1 is not franchising and is still growing really fast, if we hove over, we can see that the restaurant is Evergreens. Would be interesting to analyze the growing strategy from this restaurant and its value #proposal, taking into account that most of the restaurant in this list are franchising, #implying a relationship between growth and this business model

Top 100 Food Chains

  • We can see that, indeed, sales plays an absolute role in the list
  • in Rank 1, we can find Carmine’s restaurant located in New york
  • Rank 100 belongs to Virgil’s real barbecue, located in Las Vegas
  • The size of the bubles represent the avarage check. We don’t see any decreasing or increasing trend, which means that being number doesn’t imply to be #expensinve or the other way around.

Top 250 Fast Food Chains

  • From the scatter plot we can see that ‘Sales’, again, is the absolute factor determining the rank of the restaurants
  • In rank 1 we can find McDonald’s
  • Rank 250 belongs to Jollibee


  • The segment that sells the most is ‘Quick Service & Burger’ where McDonald’s belongs, without having most of the units
  • ‘Quick Servic & Coffee Cafe’ has the second position in sales with almost having the highest amount of units, ‘Quick Service & Sandwich’ has more
  • ‘Quick Service & Chicken’ has the third place without having a lot of units, in comparisson with other segments