Frequently asked questions

What is MiPasa?

MiPasa is a highly-scalable multi-source, multi-participant data, analytics, and insights sharing hub, optimized for verifiability, privacy, governance, provenance and interoperability.

Developed by HACERA, MiPasa is harnessing HACERA’s product stack that is fueling some of the world’s most valuable financial and supply-chain networks today, with secure multi-party digital asset and data transfer, at scale.

What benefits does MiPasa provide to data consumers?

  • Better, faster research
  • Instant access to normalized and standardized data
  • Instant access to verifiable data, always knowing its exact origin, timestamp, and version
  • Effortless access from a single place, to multi source, multi-party data
  • Cloud native - no installation, configuration or IT headaches - accessible from a browser

What benefits does MiPasa provide to data providers?

  • Reduced data sharing risks such as reputation loss (end of ‘false claims’ against your organization)
  • Reduced sharing administrative overhead
  • Complete governance and control over who accesses your data
  • Accurate attribution
  • Greater data consumer satisfaction and experience
  • Reporting and support — all in one place (instead of users filing bug reports using github, for example)

Who's behind MiPasa?

MiPasa’s core was developed by HACERA. HACERA has been around since 2016, with the mission to make it easy for multiple parties to securely share digital assets and data, anytime, anywhere. HACERA constantly develops novel products and technologies that are fueling some of the world’s most valuable financial and supply-chain networks today.

In March 2020, HACERA provided its products online, to create MiPasa. Along with a list of some of the largest players in the space (cloud providers, assurance, health institutions as well as start-ups), MiPasa is actively supported by a consortium multidisciplinary supergroup of health professionals, privacy experts, and software developers, backed by leading technology companies and commercial entities.

Together, we make available for ALL, powerful data sharing, analytics and privacy tools that were up until now only available to elite business institutions, providing the entire ecosystem novel ways to gather reliable, quality data, and make it easily accessible to the appropriate entities in order to efficiently battle the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic in a humane, fair and more sustainable manner.

Why do we need a Trusted Data Sharing/Exchange?

MiPasa benefits all its participants with a reliable, safer, smarter, and more sustainable data exchange ecosystem.

Our highly-scalable data sharing and exchange platform benefits all authorized users with immediate access to actionable COVID-19 related data, models, insights and analytics across the entire supply chain, from hospitals to data centers and ultimately the consumer – researchers, developers, decision makers.

MiPasa empowers new standards for research and decision making transparency and trust.

MiPasa is ensuring that trust enables, rather than impedes, the rapidly expanding data sharing economy by providing effortless capabilities for

  • Multi-party, multi-source, multi-standard data exchange
  • Auto integrated and harmonized data
  • Shared governance
  • Data Verifiability
  • Data provenance & attribution
  • Tamper-proof workflow - from provision to consumption
  • Automated version-control and update notifications
  • Faster traceability

Go MiPasa Go. But why Blockchain?

The use of some Blockchain core components inside MiPasa is not about technology. It’s about solving real business problems that have been insolvable before at scale, due to the inability of the ecosystem to share data, models and analytics in a transparent, immutable and trusted manner.

Unlike other systems of record, blockchain technology provides a trusted immutable record of data, access and transactions, while enabling powerful data provenance, governance, traceability, compliance, and verifiability.

Data sharing is awesome. But who owns the data?

The data sets uploaded or shared belong to their owner (to the original source for this data).

Data owners can exclusively set permissions that govern what data, models, code, analytics or insights can be viewed, for what purpose, when, how and by whom.

Data uploaded by a third party is owned by the original owner, unless the third party owns some usage rights segregated to him by the original owner.

MiPasa maintains a set of universal, default data provenance and governance rules, permissions and policies that ensure the safe, privacy-preserving and responsible use of the data/code/models/analytics/insights by the various stakeholders while protecting the security, integrity and verifiability of it.

How can I benefit from MiPasa's Data Interoperability?

Data Interoperability on both business and technology levels enable MiPasa participants to harness and exchange data instantly and effortlessly from practically any platform, solution or network, across the entire ecosystem.

We work with industry leaders (e.g., IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Splunk) to ensure effortless interoperability. MiPasa already has the ability to connect to your infrastructure and to multiple other networks today, and others as they become available in the future, either natively or via MiPasa API and SDK.