Sharing Live Charts

Share “Live” graphs and models with the world

MiPasa is harnessing HACERA’s TrueView™ technology, an amazing sharing capability that is dramatically enhancing viewers’ experience by enabling model and visualization creators to share a “live” content instead of a static graph photo or copied & pasted code/model. 

MiPasa lets you instantly share your models and visual creations with others, even outside MiPasa.

Once you’re happy with your model or visualization, MiPasa auto generates three handy pieces of information for you:

  • A URL to a professionally looking visualization PNG file you can place anywhere you want
  • A URL to the live code + data, allowing others to learn from and reuse the underlying code and data
  • An HTML with both the visualization + link to the live code and latest data you can embed anywhere 

You can embed any of these links inside email, blog posts, LinkedIn articles, presentations, papers, etc., providing your readers access to the actual code and live data, in a single click. 

This feature:

  • Eliminates the steps required to manually move data or visualizations around via Email, CSV, Cloud drives, etc.
  • Eliminates the steps required to manually update data, model analyses or visualizations whenever underlying data or code has changed​

Sharing your creations in 3 simple steps

1. Click the PRESENT button over the graph shown right to the code that generated it


2. Once the larger graph is shown, click on the SHARE button above it


3. The Sharing dialogue is shown. 

Share the share this pageurl to let others view (read only) your live graph + code + data.

Or share the share image url to let other view a Jpeg photo of your graph

Or use the HTML with link url to embed a back-linked graph photo inside articles, posts, etc.