Signing Up

Why Sign Up?

Signing Up to MiPasa grants you unlimited access to all of the available datasets, as well as code, modeling tools and insights. We also have a lot of hardware and software that are available for registered users, who can run a lot of cloud-based calculations and dispatch them using our Jupyter Notebooks or our online Python IDE… without needing to install anything.

You will have your own workspace, preference, and the ability to form teams, have your own bookmarks, clones, create and join teams and collaborate with others.

How to Sign Up?

To Sign Up, navigate here: MiPasa and click the Sign Up button in the top right corner.

Option 1: Sign Up with the Unbounded Network, LinkedIn or Google

Select your choice, and then authorize our application (for LinkedIn or Google only). No additional setup or email confirmation is required, you can start working right away!


Option 2: Sign Up with username, password and e-mail address

Fill in your preferred credentials on the right side of the Sign Up page:


After you click “Agree & Join”, you can start using MiPasa. However, you are required to confirm your email address within 14 days after signing up, otherwise, or your account will be locked until your confirmation.