A MiPasa Quick Tour

What is MiPasa?

MiPasa is a powerful and interactive modeling environment that allows you to: 

  • Code models and visualizations against a rich list of verifiable datasets (or your own datasets) 
  • Share your code and visualization “creations” with others both inside and outside MiPasa 
  • Code models privately, or as a team having their own MiPasa team-space 
  • Add new private or shared datasets to help you and others in their modeling 

Data sharing is unique and not a common practice.  Data validation and modeling requires an investment in time vitally necessary but too often an overlooked process.  But MiPasa encourages collaboration in a unique way between researchers and data scientists.  The growing data economy lacks a tool which allows teams to test their models and cross-check their research using the scientific method of test and retest validation.

Experience other MiPasa users’ creations now!

To experience the full powers of MiPasa live modeling, simply click on any of the COVID-19 related graphs shown below to view their underlying live code & data right from MiPasa. 

OWID - New deaths

Click to view live code+data behind: “COVID-19 Daily New Deaths by for top-5 countries”

COVID-19 World Deaths Heat Map

Click to view live code+data behind: “COVID-19 Deaths Totals Global Heat Map”

Later in this tutorial you’ll learn how you too can enjoy sharing your creations outside of MiPasa enabling others to see the live code and data that has created it. 

Note: While viewing these models live in MiPasa — to run the live code yourself with the most up-to-date data, you’ll need to sign up — It’s a FREE, 2-minutes process, and grants you access to a whole world of data and features.

Logged in Users Enjoy MiPasa Even More…

While you can visit MiPasa as a guest, it is well worth investing 2 minutes to sign-up as a MiPasa user (for FREE), and be able to:

  • Create your own space to manage your code models and visualizations 
  • Browse, run and clone another user’s code models
  • Share your creations with others
  • Collaborate and work with other individuals or teams
  • Add new datasets  

The easiest, fastest way to create models in MiPasa

Enjoying MiPasa is simple:

  • Sign up (it’s free & quick)
  • Browse through our rich library of REAL users models (select    CODE   from top menu) 
  • Choose one cool code model with a graph you like, to view its live underlying code & data
  • Clone it, creating your private copy, learn & modify it, then RUN   it to view results (a graph)
  • Share it with friends and colleagues outside MiPasa:
    • Click the   PRESENT   button over the graph
    • Once the larger graph is shown, click on the    SHARE    button above it
    • Share the share this pageurl to let others view (read only) your live graph + code + data 
    • Or share the share image url to let others view a PNG photo of your graph
    • Or use the HTML with link url to embed a back-linked graph photo inside articles, posts, etc.
    • Then, create your OWN codel models and graphs by learning how to Code against our datasets

A Quick Peek Into Our Main Menu


  • Datasets— discover and view public, yours or your team-mate datasets
  • Code— create code models, or access yours, your teammates or favourite code models
  • Notebooks— create Jupyter notebooks, or access yours, your teammates or favourite notebooks
  • Teams— create a team, accept team invites, invite others to join a team, and view your teams
  • Blog— read our latest posts, enjoy featured code models, and stay current with updates
  • About— in it we’ve hidden our rich set of MiPasa guides & documentation (no pain, no gain)