Uploading Your Own Dataset

If you have some dataset that is not publicly available or should not be shared, for example, created by you or your organization, you can upload the file dataset and keep it for your personal use. You may store your private datasets only in your private Workspace area/section.

Uploading and Storing Private Datasets in MiPasa

Perform the following steps:

Step 1: Create a Dataset


Click “Create a Dataset” on the Datasets page or use the Create a Dataset page.

Step 2: Upload the File or Files under this Dataset

Click “Select Files”, or drag and drop your files to the file uploading area.


When you upload a file, the type of file is automatically detected; however, you can always change the file type manually. We support multiple predefined common file types, as well as a way to specify a MIME type manually for advanced users and cases.

The following screen  is displayed:


Use this screen to add the following information that will be displayed in the public dataset information page 

  • the source of the data,
  • licensing information,
  • description.

It’s possible to add multiple files to a dataset — just do it the same way as with the first file. The newly added file will also appear on the list:


If you want to delete a file that was already added, just click the red trash icon next to the filename.

After all files are added, click “Submit”.

Please wait until the upload completes — the upload time is dependent on the size of your dataset.
After it’s complete, you will be automatically redirected to the newly created dataset.

Step 3 (Optional): Editing the Dataset and Updating Files in a Dataset

To edit a dataset that was already added, click “Edit” (top right corner).

The “Edit Dataset” page is similar to creating a dataset. The file uploading process is a bit different to simplify updating existing files as well as adding new files with different names.


Use the “Update existing files” section to  drag and drop a file (or click to select it with a popup window) under a specific filename to provide an update.


Use the Upload New Files section to add a file. Click the “+” button, then select a file to add:


Name and MIME type will also be autodetected — so unless you need to change it, no input is required.

Once you have all files that you need to update or create, click the “Review and upload” button at the bottom.


This will bring up a new popup asking you to confirm your changes.


After you confirm by clicking “Upload”, the file upload will start. Please don’t close the popup or the browser tab as this may take a lot of time depending on the size of your dataset.

After successful upload, you will be automatically redirected to the front page of your dataset.