Finding, Viewing & Using Datasets

Discover and view public, yours or your team-mate datasets

Choose Datasets from MiPasa top menu (or navigating to Datasets) to get to MiPasa’s Datasets dashboard where you can find many datasets, view their structure and content, and use them to create models and visualizations.

Click on the “Shared by Others”  tab to view all public datasets — those made available by MiPasa or shared by other MiPasa users.


Using MiPasa’s Public Datasets

Our data engineers are constantly working on providing the most up-to-date, normalized and reliable data. MiPasa has an extensive amount of pre-existing public datasets that can be used in your models.

Each dataset contains:

  • Source Files are the authentic (“raw”) data files directly received from data providers, that remain unchanged
  • Output Files are the translated, standardized and normalized versions of the input data

For example, we can look at the COVID-19 in Italy dataset:


In this example, this COVID-19 data is provided by the Italian health authorities, and the language is Italian.

MiPasa translates the columns into English so that you can easily see the values:


The output file is guaranteed to have no invalid states or provinces, since it is tightly linked to MiPasa’s States table, referred to as Unbounded Taxonomy Representation (UTR) . Each value in the output file is validated against our UTR.