Creating Your First Code

To start coding, navigate to the Code section (Papillon) through the main menu.

Under your name/profile on the top-right corner, you will see two buttons:


  • IMPORT to… well… import external code into MiPasa
  • NEW CODE to create a new code 

Our code editor is shown; notice that MiPasa has created a sample single line of code:

print(“Your First Code”) 


  • Click on the pencil icon new-untitled-code.png and name your code as _My First Code Example_ 
  • Click SAVE.

This default code is displayed as following:


Running Your First Code

To Run your new code, simply click RUN.

  • MiPasa will execute your code
  • The text output of your code will be shown below the section labeled Output


This section will contain any text produced by your code, as well as possible errors or exceptions. 

More actions you can perform while coding in MiPasa

  • Copy & paste existing code into the code editor 
  • Import (upload) existing Python script by clicking on the  IMPORT  button. Any Python script can be imported, however it’s important to understand that MiPasa has a specific set of Python modules installed: mainly ones that are  related to data usage, transformation, and plotting — such as Pandas, Plotly, Matplotlib or machine-learning libraries.
  • Share your model with others
  • Export the output your code creates