Working on Datasets within a Team

Note: this tutorial uses examples created in Uploading Your Own Dataset as well as Collaborating Using MiPasa Teams.
For better understanding it’s recommended to read these articles too.

Remember the private Dataset that we created in the “Uploading Your Own Dataset” article?
This one:


In our team, we have two users so far: one of them is the creator, Jason, and another is Steve — who is also the author of this private Dataset.

Let’s say we want Jason to be able to view this Dataset, as well as use it in his code.
For this, Steve will have to go to his Dataset, and click on the arrow right next to “Manage Collaborators”:


This will open another page.

This page will have a list of all Teams that the current user belongs to; each team can be granted access to see the dataset, as well as additional permissions. These permissions can be changed at any time.


If Steve wants the Tea Team to only be able to see the dataset and use the data (without editing powers), he can simply check the team’s title, like this:


Once checked and confirmed (by clicking “Update”), all members of the Tea Team (who also have “View datasets” permission granted in the Team Management) will be able to see this private dataset and use it in their models.

At MiPasa, we have a special tab in the list of datasets, that provides a convenient way to see all datasets shared to you in a team: