Collaborating using MiPasa Teams

What are MiPasa Teams?

Any registered MiPasa user can create or participate in a Team.

A Team allows you to collaborate on otherwise private datasets, code or notebooks; it’s a way to restrict access to an in-development entry, as well as to share things privately.

Creating a Team

Go to the Teams page: Teams

On the top right, there is “Create a Team” button:

Create a Team

After choosing to create a team, but before the team is saved, you can enter the name and choose an icon for the team:

Create Tea Team

Inviting Others to Join a Team

After a team is saved, you can see the list of it’s members (visible to everyone, not just to the manager) as well as invite new members (only for the manager, i.e. the creator of the team).

Team Management

In order to invite a new member, you need to know their username or e-mail address, and also to specify the permissions that they will have within the team. Be careful, as permission selection cannot be changed (you will have to kick the user and invite them back with a new permission set).

These permissions are used in combination with individual dataset and code/notebook permissions.

  • View datasets
    This permission allows the user to see, edit, or transform datasets shared to this team.
    The exact permissions will be determined based on the dataset sharing settings, however if this permission is not checked, the dataset will not be visible to this user at all, even if it’s shared to the team.

  • View code
    This permission allows the user to see or edit code and notebooks shared to this team.
    Just like with datasets, the exact permissions will be determined based on sharing settings of the code or notebook, but the user will not even see them if this high-level permission is not available.

Once you specify the username and permissions and click “Invite”, the user will receive a notification and will be able to either accept it (and join the team) or reject it (in this case they will not join, but invite can be sent again).

The pending invitation(s) will also be visible in the Team Management panel to the Team’s creator, like this:

Pending Invitations

A pending invitation can be cancelled, in which case the user will still receive an invitation, but without an option to accept it.

Joining a Team

Joining a team requires the user to be invited by the team manager.

When someone invites you to join a Team, watch your user avatar in the top right of the website.
Every invitation that’s sent to you will also create a red notification in your user profile:


Once you view the notifications, the invitation will look like this:


Here you can either “Accept”, in which case you immediately join the team, or “Reject”, in which case the notification is silenced and the invitation is cancelled.

The message is saved in your history:


Once you are a member of a Team, you will see this Team on the “Teams” page, as well as see the list of it’s members:



Leaving a Team

To leave a Team that you are a member of, simply click “Leave Team” in the team page.

Note that you cannot return on your own to a Team that you already left — this will require another invitation from the Team’s manager; so be careful.


Also, currently, you are not able to leave a team if you are it’s manager (creator).