Discover what Unbounded Data with Governance can do

What is MiPasa?

MiPasa is a multi-party, multi-source verifiable data processing, analytics and sharing platform.

MiPasa is actively supported by some of today’s most powerful technology and research leaders.

MiPasa is built to accelerate global resilience by enabling a trusted, integrated, multiparty, transparent yet privacy-respecting and responsibly-governed data sharing network.

Scalable. Explainable. Shareable.

MiPasa enables a verifiable, explainable and shareable data ecosystem built to address the spike in demand for verifiable data by improving our ability to access, validate and harness data and analytics at scale.

MiPasa is a one stop shop for all things data. The gathering, cleaning, storage and utilization of data can all be done in the browser.

Why Now?

We have seen decision makers in both the public and private sector paralyzed by misinformation. Given the lack of better options, they resort to extreme measures that infringe on privacy and severely damage our security, safety and quality of life.

Data is vital in improving readiness and informed decision-making.

Powered by the Unbounded Network, MiPasa harnesses blockchain technology to provide full governance, ensure privacy, and simplify the auditing of your data.

The history of your data can be tracked at scale and integrated in a verifiable and trusted way.