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Verified data and tools with the infrastructure needed to make informed decisions based on data, insights and collaboration, at scale.

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How it works

Reimagine what Unbounded
data & models can do for you

Model effortlessly

Instantly build, test, analyze, visualize, collaborate, iterate, and publish world-class data-powered models and insights using our intuitive browser environment.

Make better decisions

Discover and access a huge repository of the freshest, most trustworthy, pre-optimized, multi-source data and code sources with our built-in unbounded.data tool.

Collaborate responsibly

Co-develop models, reports, & insights with others. Share & publish your “creations”, empowering collaborators, to discover, converse, run, collaborate, clone, modify & enhance them, all while keeping complete control.

Manage multiple versions

Keep multiple revisions and versions of your code. Run or modify previous model versions and let MiPasa keep all relevant data sources and model versions organized.

Scalable. Responsible. Enterprise Grade

Map your data & code “journey”
Control & Govern your assets
Models that go back and forward in time

Map your data & code “journey”

Our built-in powerful lineage tools and graphs empower you to track and analyze the access and usage of your data, models, and insights in the finest granularity.

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What’s in it for
Model Providers

Streamline data prep, transformation, and enrichment tasks with our powerful, intuitive unbounded.data workflows so you could focus on modeling and uncovering insights.

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